Your Donations Matter

Many of our Toy Bash friends bring their donations the night of, whether in cash or toy form, and donate that night. Did you know that we have drop boxes for donations up all around Southeast Missouri for weeks prior to the actual event?

We are blessed with a load of fantastic sponsors, and each of these sponsors has a donation drop box at their location. They’re ready to take those toys and make some dreams come true!

What this boils down to is this: If you can’t make it to the actual Toy Bash event, you can MOST DEFINITELY donate to the cause before that happens. In fact, you can donate right here on our website!

At the end of the day, our goal is to make as many childhood dreams come true as we can. If it’s the middle of July and you want to make a donation, go for it! We’ll make sure it gets where it needs to go right here in our local community.

The title says it all: Your Donations Matter. They really do, and we can’t say thank you enough for being a part of Happy’s mission!

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