Words Can’t Describe…

Barbecue, bands, loads of social time… all of this makes the Toy Bash a magical night. But the best part is the day after, when we get to shop for great toys for the kids!

You can imagine that our volunteers are a bit… groggy the morning after Toy Bash. They worked so hard the night before, taking donations, checking IDs, cooking and delivering the food and so much more. In fact, we know they’d love nothing more than to sleep in, dreaming of sugar plums and all that.

Nope; these sleepy heads are up bright and early with a smile on their faces, as they know it’s SHOPPING DAY! We meet at Toys R Us in Cape Girardeau, grab an army of shopping carts and cut loose on the most fun shopping spree we could imagine. 

Loads (like, literally; LOADS) of toys are bought and placed in our trucks for delivery later. We’ve even made a fun habit out of keeping the receipt in one piece for a cool Christmas-y feeling. 🙂

Want to be a part of this fun? Just let us know on our Volunteer page and we’ll be in touch. Happy would LOVE to have you join us!



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